Precision Contractor has completed nearly 250 face lifts over the past five months for a major retail client that is rebranding their showrooms across the country. The size of the showrooms range from approximately 50,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet.

The exterior of each location is being repainted and updated to match the new company branding. The stores stretch from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast. This investment is being made to support a larger corporate rebranding effort.

With so many locations to cover, our project team has worked with our client to prioritize and streamline the project workflow. The new process takes into consideration overall site traffic and the different materials (metal, drywall, etc.) that required special attention at each location. This planning has made the total project more efficient and cost effective.

The window mullions for each entrance posed a special challenge during this project and our team created a unique solution with custom-cut aluminum flashing to provide a durable option that matches the new brand colors. This creative approach will save upwards of 90% compared to applying paint that will not last or the more expensive option of removing the front windows and completely remodeling the face of each location.

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