Meet the Latest Class of Precision Contractors Seizure-response Dogs

Meet the Latest Class of Precision Contractors Seizure-response Dogs

Precision Contractors is proud to be a significant contributor to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation and support the work they do to assist individuals and their families who have been affected by epilepsy and SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

The commercial construction work our clients have awarded Precision Contractors over the years has enabled our company to financially contribute to help the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation purchase, train, and place seizure-response dogs. It is not an exaggeration to say these dogs genuinely save lives.

A seizure-response dog can detect seizures and assist people during an episode. Having one of these dogs gives kids the confidence to deepen their engagement with the world, and their parents get to rest a little easier knowing their daughter or son has a friend who is continuously looking out for them.

The obstacle is the investment to train a promising puppy into a well-trained seizure response dog can be significant. Our goal is to help enable those in need to get the service dogs that allow them to transform their lives.

Precision Contractors’ donations to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation go well beyond improving the lives of these individuals and families who are living with epilepsy. These dogs are trained by prison inmates, who get to use their time and energy in a positive manner while showing great compassion during the process. It is gratifying to know we are helping these prisoners find a valuable purpose in life and spend their time focused on learning and providing a service that benefits people who need it most.

While Precision Contractors has proudly funded many of these dogs over the years, we wanted to share the latest three dogs we invested in and have recently graduated.

If you want an inspirational lift, watch this video featuring the trainers, dogs, and recipients.

Special thanks and appreciation go out to a few of our more recent clients: Dutch Bros Coffee, Rogue Development, Furniture Row, National Wood Products, Assisted Living Of Denver, and Global Pacific Properties. Our clients genuinely enable us to help our community.

If you have the means and are looking for a nonprofit to support, we think the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation’s work is worthy of your support.