Precision Contractors is Proud to Continue to Sponsor the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation’s Starlight Gala

Precision Contractors is Proud to Continue to Sponsor the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation’s Starlight Gala

Two of Precision Contractor’s company values are “we will be excellent community stewards and we will give back and support our charities.” Our company is always looking for creative ways to contribute time and financial support to a select group of nonprofit partners that align with Precision’s values and culture.

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation (CHF) has been one of the organizations that Precision Contractors has supported for several years. The centerpiece of the foundation’s fundraising calendar is their Starlight Gala, and it was great to be one of the sponsors that helped bring back this in-person fundraiser on September 25, 2021.

The evening’s program was a welcome return to the traditional format of a cocktail hour with a silent auction, a sit-down meal with speakers, a live auction, and then an after-dinner casino night. The speakers that CHF brings to each event never fail to inspire the attendees to dig deep to support the foundation’s mission of providing hope and support.

The enthusiasm that 2021 edition of the Gala created led to the night becoming the most successful fundraiser in the foundation’s history.

Julie & Doug Hutchison created the organization after losing their daughter Chelsea to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). The foundation has become a nationally recognized resource for the epilepsy and SUDEP community.

Superhero Dogs: How a New Pooch Can Change Lives

One of the major projects the foundation has become known for is helping to connect people living with epilepsy and other seizure-related conditions with trained seizure-response dogs. Once a suitable match has been made between a new patient and a promising dog, the foundation uses the funds donated by Precision Contractors to provide grants that help pay for these remarkable animals. The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation has made over 140 grants for these dogs since the program’s inception.

The tremendous value of a seizure-response dog is they are taught to recognize and sometimes even predict a seizure, to support an individual who is having a seizure during the event, to get help by alerting parents or other family members, to carry critical medication and supplies, and more.

The total investment in training each dog can often exceed $20,000, so Precision Contractors is proud to help remove the financial strain this investment could create and help place these amazing dogs with someone who needs their assistance.

Golf and Fundraising Go Hand in Hand

Because Precision’s participation in the event is now large enough to fill three tables, our owners organized an informal golf outing at The Ridge at Castle Pines North on Saturday morning to kick off the day’s festivities. Spending the first part of the day on the golf course allowed our guests to get to know each other and get excited about being part of the Gala. To make sure the day was relaxed and informal, we decided not to keep score and to focus on enjoying the day. This made it easy for our novice golfers to practice their skills without pressure.

The time spent at the golf course was such a successful experience that the Precision team is investigating what it will take to expand our support by adding a formal charity golf tournament in the near future.

If you’re looking for a nonprofit organization to support, Precision Contractors is proud to endorse the work the team at the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is doing for the epilepsy and SUDEP community.